Finally, a Luganda translation of the Holy Bible with modern-day language! This translation, years in the making by Pastor Samuel Namatiiti, is the Luganda equivalent of the NIV. The previous translation contains many errors and is hard to understand - this translation brings the Bible to life!

Do you find yourself unsatisfied with "church as usual," but don't know why?

Do you wonder if the Christian life you're living, which is like all the other Christians around you, is all there is?

Do you wonder why all the exciting stuff in the Bible seems so far from your own life?

Jesus came to set us free, but most of us don't know what that really means. Find out in BUT GOD: Two Words to Freedom! Each chapter expands on the definition of Godly freedom in this life, and is followed by study questions to help you fulfill the purpose God has for you in His Kingdom on earth. Find out how living outside the Christian box; following Biblical principals regarding debt, forgiveness and relationships; and acknowledging the battle we face if we are advancing God's Kingdom can set you free to be all that God created you to be. Buy your copy now and start your path to true, godly freedom!
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