For millions wondering what planet the consultants live on…the Rove mindset is examined like never before! The battle plan for the coming GOP civil war!

This is NOT second guessing or Monday morning  quarter backing….this book has been years in the making

The most astonishing analysis of the 2012 election is available now…from a writer who has seen it coming for many years.  Why wait for the pundits to understand?

"This is a stunning, superb summary of the establishment mess….”

There will never be a more cogent analysis of this election.  Wright’s journey from before 2000 until today will resonate - and you will shout YES HE GETS IT! - as moments that led to this day are laid out just as you observed them. 

Don't be fooled by the cover - this book is about a lot more than just great humor at liberals' expense. It explains how liberals and liberalism are the cause of all of our problems, with irrefutable logic and analogy. After spending a few minutes in the book, you will look forward to your next run-in with your liberal friends. Yes, the book is "rocking great fun" as Mary Matalin says, but you will have one "wow, never thought about it like that" moment after another as C. Edmund Wright shares jaw dropping stories, insights, and commentary about liberals while contrasting them with great conservatives. Whether speaking to college students or Tea Party conventions, when Wright shares some of these same insights, attendees comment that they are "blown away" and that he "makes it so clear and simple."

Herman Cain says that "C. Edmund Wright's sharp wit has been a must-read on the web for years, and now you must read this book!" After reading but a few of the 34 chapters you will agree and see why Wright elicits reader comments like no other. Radio host and author of Ameritopia, Mark Levin says, "As we head into the most important election of our lifetime, C. Edmund Wright reminds us why, and gives us a laugh at the same time."

A quick trip through the table of contents will demonstrate Wright's range of expertise and uncanny knack of contrasting and comparing liberals and conservatives like no one else - as well as his distinctive sense of humor and irony. Get this book and your liberals friends' heads will explode at the cover - but even more so at your expertise. Wright made his mark ghost writing for major conservative commentators and humorists - now he can do the same for you.
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